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Fort Bliss Thrift Shop
operated by the Fort Bliss Spouses' Association


You must follow instructions or your donations cannot be accepted. Donations must be clean and sanitized before donating, any items that are dirty or in disrepair will be thrown away. Thank you for understanding!

The Fort Bliss Thrift Shop is the bread and butter of the FBSA’s Community Giving program. As such, it remains the longest continually running fundraiser in our association’s history.  There have been numerous changes throughout the years (decades really) but one thing remains constant, our Fort Bliss Thrift Shop employees and volunteers are our most prized assets.


We welcome anyone over the age of 18 that is interested in volunteering to come in and volunteer with us (if you are a military spouse and 17, you are welcome to volunteer). We have a broad range of opportunities available for our volunteers, as well as a dedicated core group of volunteers that is sure to make your time in the Fort Bliss Thrift Shop enjoyable. The FBSA understands that volunteers are the backbone of our organization, as such, we go above and beyond to ensure our volunteers needs are met and their hard work rewarded. Come and volunteer with us! We will be grateful for any time you can provide—whether you have an hour or several hours to give. We cannot wait to welcome you to our family!

Childcare vouchers are available for our volunteers that put their children in CYS hourly care while they volunteer with us.  If you need a childcare voucher, please ask for Angie, our Manager, or call her at: (915) 562-5451

The red donation bin is located facing Custer.


Your donations are desperately needed!

There is a red donation bin located in the rear of the Thrift Shop facing Custer and the Youthplex. We accept most items for donation however, please refrain from donating damaged, incomplete, soiled items and/or undergarments. Please drop off large donations (such as couches or furniture) during store hours. 

We do not accept the following: 

Car seats * Bicycle helmets * Tires * Undergarments * Socks * Printers * Computers * Bed pillows * Tube TVs                    


We do not have the ability to dispose of large or unserviceable items. Please do not leave your bulk trash at our donation areas.

The red donation bin is located facing Custer.


Consignments are conducted on a first come - first serve basis. Limits and restrictions are placed on what we accept via consignment. Home-based businesses and MLMs are not allowed to consign their products. Please stop into the Thrift Shop during business hours to get detailed information regarding our consigning rules, regulations, and limits.
General public consigning is available once we move to the new location. 
Active Duty in uniform consigning is available once we move to the new location.



Donate what you can't or don't want to take with you to your next duty station, or stop in upon your arrival to Fort Bliss and find what you need for your new home.



The Thrift Shop is located at 801 Chaffee Rd, Fort Bliss, TX 79916. We are on the corner of Custer and Chaffee next to the Youthplex. We are open Tuesday - Saturday 9:30am - 3:30pm.


If you need to contact us, our email address is: and our phone number is: (915) 562-5451.

Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information regarding the store, volunteering, consigning, and sales.
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