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Our Motto:
Bee the Change – Connect & Grow
Our Mission:
Create a place where EVERY spouse feels welcome and a part of something special through the common goal of giving back to our community.

Did you know? The Fort Bliss Spouses’ Association has been an active spouses’ club since the 1940s!


Our members are made up of DoD ID card holders living at Fort Bliss or in the greater El Paso footprint. We provide our members with the opportunity to participate in social and creative activities while supporting worthwhile service and community activities. Our club’s events for the year begin with Super Sign Up each August, followed by monthly socials taking place monthly September through May. Additionally, our members participate in interest based sub-clubs that meet at least once per month.

The FBSA also operates the Fort Bliss Thrift Shop. We are committed to operating the Fort Bliss Thrift Shop in a manner that offers affordable items to our Soldiers, their families and our civilians. In addition, FBSA uses the thrift shop proceeds to provide community non-profits with grants and our members and their local family members with merit-based scholarships.


Additionally, we operate the Fort Bliss gift Shop, A Little Bit of Bliss, Operation Deploy Your Dress, provide property rentals to the community and run fundraisers like the Tree & Wreath Auction, Tour of Homes, Fiesta at the Fort and What the Flock?!

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